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>> you don't have to turn on the tv to find out information. >> we're listening to a reporter up there. we'll look at the crowd that chris was mentioning there on the scene. it looks like this is going to be a worldwide event in terms of coverage. there we have the governor of connecticut. governor malloy, here he comes. now, we just lost the feed, unfortunately. we're going to get back as soon as we can. in fact, we now have visual feed. here he is. >> in the ensuing hours since this unspeakable and tragic event occurred here, as you know, there are a number of victims, teachers, support personnel in the building. children, beautiful, beautiful children who had simply come to school to learn and their day ended a very different way than any of us possibly could have
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imagined. quite frankly, as we stand here today, still can't imagine what traps pyred there. . >> evil visited this community today. and it's too early to speak of recovery. but each parent, each sibling each member of the family has to understand that connecticut, we're all in this together. we'll do whatever we can to overcome this event. we will get through it. but this is a terrible time for this community and for these famili families. our police personnel and others are doing the utmost to clear
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this situation as soon as possible and to return these children to their parents or these loved ones to their fellow loved ones as quickly as possible. and we'll work with all of the residents of this community and connecticut to make sure that we do, in fact, get through this. i was mayor of stanford on 9/11 when our state lost many of its citizens and i lost a number of my fellow citizens and friends. i never thought that in a public career that i would have to face these kinds of circumstances or that they would visit themselves upon this community or the people of connecticut. we'll get through this. and our prayers at this time
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have to go out to the families. so as i began by thanking those who have expressed their desires to be helpful, the number one way to be helpful is to say a prayer or send a best wish or to be thinking of these individuals who have suffered so mightily today. thank you. >> our hearts are broken. those -- >> hi, i'm al sharpton. this is "politics nation." we're monitoring this live press conference from officials in connecticut. we're going to listen in. let's go live now to chris
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jansing in newtown, connecticut. >> hello, reverend al. i can tell you that governor malloy just made brief remarks here at the community gathering spot. he walked by me and seemed to be having difficulty holding back tears. this is a community -- really a nation -- that is trying to make sense of the senseless and the unspeakable violence that happened here in newtown today. 26 people killed inside an elementary school. the mother of the shooter now found at his home here in newtown. and we are just all asking the question why? there is an international gathering, literally scores of satellite trucks here. we know the basic facts of what happened. that the shooter came in early this morning after 9:00 and opened fire. we have heard the terrible stories about the children who
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were told to close their eyes and hold hands as they left that school building. but we still don't know a motive for this. and that is really the question that everyone is asking. and a little later on, about almost a little less than an hour from now, there are going to be three memorial services at local churches here where the community will have a chance to gather. many of the parents have spent much of this day together. they were gathered in the local fire house. and that is a place where the governor went and had to deliver to many of them the tragic news that they had not been reunited with their child, that they had not survived this day. and we are told that the school, reverend al, will remain an active crime scene until sunday. >> so some of the parents did not know what the condition of their child or that their child had been one of the -- that had
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been fatally killed until the governor informed them a little while ago. >> you can just imagine how chaotic this scene was. i mean, you have 600, 700 students inside a school. you have a reverse 9-1-1 call that is going out. you have parents descending on the scene. i can tell you several hours later when i was driving to the school, how backed up the traffic was. it wasn't easy to get to the school. once you got there, obviously, it was utter and complete chaos. there were so many emergency vehicles there. just community people coming to the scene as well as parents coming to the scene and skrtryi to make those positive identifications. getting the children, getting an id, literally, a physical id from the parent, not allowing the child to go until they could confirm that it was with the person they should be with. i can tell you that they were able to confirm several hours ago that every child had been acounted for.
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obviously, there's a point at which you want to know what kids might have called in sick that cay. what kids might be somewhere else. it takes several hours in a situation like this. yes, the parents who had not been reunited with their children were pretty much all gathered together in the fire house and you can just imagine what it was like inside there for those parents who have gotten the worst news you can possibly get. and for the governor who was in there doing his best trying to console them. and, as i said to you, the look on his face as he walked by me just a few minutes ago, said it all. it's expressed the faces of so many people i have seen here in the few hours since i've arrived. it's just a tragedy that is beyond words. >> could you standby for one minute, chris? joining me now on the phone is rabbi shaul praver. he's been with families at the fire house that chris just
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referred to that has served as a kind of staging area. rabbi, what's the scene been like there today? >> it's a horrible, horrible day in newtown. every parent's worst nightmare came true today. and we're just getting news now of other children that didn't make it. and these are children that are so loved by their parents, so innocent and their death is so senseless. >> this is an elementary school. we're talking about children between 5 and 10 years old, rabbi, am i correct? >> that's correct. >> wow. this -- and i mean, this is an awesome, awesomely painful day for the parents. and you're trying to comfort them. do we know any kind of details about the adults?
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and have we been able to confirm any of the reports about the numbers? we have 20 children, i believe, and six adults? >> i don't really have firsthand knowledge about that. all i know is that i received a call from monsignor robert weiss. they called from the office and all the clergy were asked to go to the fire house. so whatever -- i really don't have firsthand information to that question. >> in the fire house are parents who basically some of have been there much of the day basically waiting and waiting and finally have gotten the news that their child was one of those that was killed. can you tell me the scene inside as a faith leader, what you've tried to do to minister these families? >> yes. some of the parents looked shocked. and you really have to draw them out. they were emotionless.
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and other parents were the opposite. and they were, you know, wailing. and we were hoping to get some good news from the governor at 3:00. but that didn't come to pass. and so that's when, you know, the wailing really started. and the work for all of the counselors and the clergy, you know, began. and people just didn't know what to -- you know what to do with themselves. it's very -- it's very sad scene. everybody's crying. even the people -- the policemen and the rabbi and the pastors, you know, it was really a tough, tough scene. >> and i understand there's a memorial service tonight? >> yeah, several of the churches are having memorial services this evening.
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monsignor bob weiss said we're going to have a community-wide memorial service at the high school, if it's cleared. so that's not a conclusive piece of information. that's just something that we'd like to see happen. >> and i emphasize. we're talking about 5 to 10-year-olds. this is incredibly painful. >> well, what happened was that the -- it was mostly the first graders. and their classroom was near the principal's office. and the principal and the school psychologist were, you know, killed execution style. and then they went to the first classroom, which, unfortunately, was the first graders. now, these are people we know and love. and, you know, we've seen them.
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we've partied with them on holidays and so these parents had the pictures of their kids, you know. this was a bad day. >> rabbi, you said the principal and the school psychologist were killed execution style. and then they proceeded to the next classroom, which were first graders? >> yes, sir. >> when you say execution style, what do you mean? and how do you know this? >> well, they entered -- they were allowed into the -- now, i don't know this firsthand from seeing it, but from speaking with the people that did see it -- >> right. >> these were children of a teacher in the school. and so they were recognized, they were known. and so they were allowed in. well, the one fellow was in. i'm not sure about the other one. there's conflicting information about that. but certainly one of them was allowed in and came into the principal's office and killed
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the principal and the school psychologist. >> so, by what you've been told, the one young man killed the principal and the school psychologist in the principal's office execution style first and then proceeded into the classroom where the first graders were? >> that's what i was told by first responders, correct. >> it's unbelievable. do we know whether the young man's mother was in the classroom? you say he was one of the teacher's sons? >> i'm not sure. i don't think that shef was in the classroom, but she was killed by her son. >> at the school? >> at the school. >> rabbi praver, thank you and god bless you for being there and your work and aum you've done today. i'll throw in some prayers with you and the families. let me go back to chris janson. >> i do want to update something because there had been reporting
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that the shooter was killed at the school. in fact, that was reported for several hours. officials tell us that is not true. that she was found at his home, which is here in newtown. 26 people were killed at the scene by the shooter. 20 children, ages 5-10 as well as six adults. the only one that has been confirmed by police among the adults is the principal who we are told in just the last year had instituted a new security system at the school. and so we -- you have to understand it. it's the scene in there by everyone who has seen it, described it as just a horror. >> so let me -- >> they have not positively identified any of the bodies. i just want to make sure that we're clear, that no one has been positively identified. they have said that the principal is among the victims. >> but this is very important, chris. you're saying the mother was not at the school. they found her body at her son's
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home, dead. >> that's right. that's right. and, again, that had been misreported. and we were told that it was in her classroom where -- there are two runs. what the police have told us is that the shooting was in one area of the school building and took place in two different rooms. one of them was believed to be the classroom of his mother, but his mother was not there. she was at his home and that's where she was found. that's what nbc news has been able to confirm. >> is it believed, then, chris, that his mother he had already killed before he went to the school? >> yes, it does look like that. that is the timeline, reverend. that he was first at home, that his mother was killed. he went to the school and 26 people there were killed before he turned the gun on himself. >> well, chris, thank you for your reporting tonight. >> thank you, reverend. >> more on this terrible, unspeakable tragedy in connecticut ahead.
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>> we heard banging and the teacher locked the doors and we all went behind -- we all went over to a corner and the teacher asked us to c-- all the police officers had machine guns. one of the first grade teachers died.
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we have just learned that two law enforcement officials say the weapons used in today's school shootings were legally purchased, and were registered to the gunman's mother. we'll have more on the investigation with clint va van zandt right after this. ♪
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an unthinkable tragedy. a random, mass shooting that killed 20 kids and six adults at an elementary school. nobody would imagine a kindergarten classroom could be the scene of such terror, such tragedy. here's what we know. nbc news is now identifying the gunman as 20-year-old adam lanza, who lived in newtown, connecticut area. shots were heard at sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut around 9:30 this morning. lanza was reportedly armed with two handguns, dressed in dark
3:21 pm
clothing, a mask and a vest. 20 young children and six adults were killed before turning a gun on himself. the investigation is unfolding rapidly at this hour. joining me now is clint va van zandt, a former f.b.i. profiler and an nbc news analyst. clint, thanks for being here tonight. >> good to be with you, al. >> what are officials doing right now to try to advance this investigation? what are they looking for? >> al, as you know, they've got multiple crime scenes. they've got to horrific scene at the school where every law enforcement officer, the first responder goes in, i'm sure the tendency breaks down in tears because that could be their children or grandchildren. you've got that crime scene they have to deal with. and then you've got the separate crime scene of the victim's mother's home where we're told that she was shot in the face and killed. we've got that crime scene. and then you've got any location
3:22 pm
where the subject may have lived with roommates, his vehicle and law enforcement also has a race going on, al. and that race says make sure there's not any other event. we know, for example, that the connecticut state police bomb squad was going to each location to make sure there hadn't been an explosive device, a bomb, set off. we had to check each of those locations. we have to go through the social media, the e-mails that the shooting suspect had, talk to his family members. al, we need to make sure there's not someone else involved in this or there's not another shoe set to crop before law enforcement considers this case put together. >> could i ask you to standby, clint, for just a second? we'll come right back to you. joining me now on the phone is cathy sweeney. her grandson was at the school today. ms. sweeney, how is your grandson doing tonight?
3:23 pm
>> he's doing okay. i don't think it has set in yet. >> can you tell me what he has told you? where was he and what did he hear or witness? >> he was in the computer room and they were told to get under the computers, the p.a. system was on and he said that he heard the gunshots and they were told to get under the computers. and then he said that they were supposed to close their eyes and they made their way up to the fire house that's right across the street. >> now, how old is your grandson? >> agt. >> eight years old. they were told over the p.a. system they could hear the gunshots and they were told to close their eyes and led out by
3:24 pm
teachers, finally to the fire house, to safety. eight-year-old children, some older, some younger. >> yes. >> did he give you an idea of how many children were in the computer room with him? >> no. i haven't been asking him a lot of questions. i figure when he's ready to really talk about it -- >> yes. i can imagine that this was an unimaginable day for you and other families waiting to see who and among the children had been armed and who among the children survived. this must be a day that no one could even imagine possible. >> yeah, it was just horrific. and i just found out that a neighbor, who i don't really know, but that lives on the street behind us lost a child. >> oh, my god. the community, i'm sure, still in shock. but, okay, can you share with us who your grandson was seeing was
3:25 pm
the ones guiding them out of the computer room telling them to close their eyes? were these teachers? >> yes, it was a teacher. >> so we actually had teachers today who had to actually save lives and keep traumatized children going. i mean, the teachers in this school had to really become almost the -- an unbelievable task of trying to save lives while they're concerned about their own safety at the same time. >> that's right. that's very right. and i know a teacher, caitlin roy, hid her kids, locked her kids in the bathroom so that they could not be harmed. >> so this one teacher, you know, locked her children -- her students, not her own children, her students. >> her first grade class. >> a first grade class, locked them in the bathroom at the school to protect them so they would not be harmed. >> that's true. >> wow.
3:26 pm
>> the young people -- give us a sense of the neighborhood, the community that your grandson and these young stunts live in. >> well, we, in particular, lif in a woodsey area. >> right. but this is not the kind of community -- it's not a high-crime community. it's one of the most unlikeliest kind of communities to face this kind of situation. not like anything like this is likely. but i'm saying, this is even more stunning in a community reich newtown? >> oh, it's -- sandy hook, in and of itself, is a one-stop light town. nobody can believe it. my daughter and i don't have any tears left. we're just trying to get ahold of our thoughts. i had to go back and get my car.
3:27 pm
and still, the police activity and the helicopters, everybody is still there. >> do you or anyone you know or may have spoken with today, are any of you -- are you familiar with the teacher who they says son is the one that was the gunman here? >> i'm sorry? >> do you know the teacher? the mother of the gunman that they say is a teacher at the school? or anyone that said today that knew this lady? >> no, i don't know. >> okay. well, ms. sweeney, we certainly hope and pray that your grandson and all of the children that survived go through a real period of recovery. this is certainly something that is going to take a long time for recovery and the dealing with how they were traumatized and certainly the pain and loss of those family members are in the prayers of this nation and all of us here. thank you for coming to the phone and talking with us tonight. >> thank you so much. i know we're doing a lot of praying ourselves.
3:28 pm
>> well, we will certainly be joining you in those prayers. >> thank you. >> let me go back to clint van zandt in washington, former f.b.i. profiler. clint what have you heard -- what about that you've already heard as a profiler would give you some areas that you would start pursuing? is the fact that he apparently or allegedly killed his mother and then went to the school, does that tell us anything? the fact that he was -- we were told dressed in dark clothing with a mask, does that tell us anything? give us some ideas of what a profiler would start piecing together even as early as this to start looking to bring us to other pieces of evidence that could kind of put together pieces of what was going on in this maniacal mind? >> well, al, in some ways, this
3:29 pm
is a copy cat crime. if you and i think of this week that took place in a portland, oregon mall, if we think of it as a shooting that took place in aurora, each time, individuals are wearing black, multiple magazines. the sihooter in 2007 carried tw handguns. these individuals, number one, in some cases, are dressing like they're some type of a combat character or something. but they're going to combat against totally defenseless people. al, you know, this takes us back to september, 2004 in russia when, as you remember, terrorists went in and took over a school. 385 children skilled, 785 wounded.
3:30 pm
but what's important, as you just said, too, that this individual killed his mother at her home and then went to the school and then allegedly killed children that were in the classroom that she taught. al, this is someone who not only wiped out his mother which is a tremendous taboo for any society. but then he went to the school, i believe, al, he went to the school looking for those children because that's who his mother loved. those children were part of him. they were part of her. she was part of them. and by -- al, by killing those children, he killed an extension of his mother. and this is as bad, i think, as we've seen in this country. and we've seen some terrible situations. >> we're told by the rabbi, and, of course, none of this is confirmed, let me be clear, but we're told by the rabbi that hefhe was told that the gunman came in
3:31 pm
and first killed the principal and the school psychologist execution style. and then proceed ed next door t the first classroom, first grade classroom, and killed the children. we assume having already killed the mother. so there's a direct line here if what we're being told proves to be true from mother to principal to children. this profiler, where would you start putting pieces together to find out what this all means? >> well, number one, you know, you have to begin with the premise that this individual had some significant mental health challenges, issues. was he being treated? we're told the two hand guns wee purr kwhased by his mother. did she actually buy these
3:32 pm
weapons for him because perhaps at his age, he couldn't buy them? or were these family guns he couldn't get his hands on. but, al, this goes past any issues about gun control, magazines, weapons. it gos into how do we deal with individuals with mental health issues and how do we teach people conflict resolution skills so that they don't feel that society owes them a living. if life doesn't work out the way they want it to, that i had either strikeout against innocent civilians u like we've seen today, or in this terrible case, his mother and young infants, young children, who couldn't have done anything to this guy what so ever, except perhaps showing him what potential looks like. >> clint van zandt, thank you very much. a former f.b.i. profiler.
3:33 pm
>> i could try to explain it, but i'm sure i would fail. there's no words -- there is no words that i could come up with that would everyone come close to describing the sheer terror of hearing that your son is in a place or your child is in a place where there's been violence. you don't know the details of that violence. you don't know the condition of your child. and you can't do anything to immediately help them or protect them. it is a powerless and terrifying experience.
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just by being with everybody else is the only way you can get the strength to carry on. to try to comprehend what's going on. i've taught here over 40 years. i've been blessed to know a lot of children. and it's just -- i know some of them i'm not going to see anymore. >> we're back with our breaking news coverage of the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. joining me now is reverend matthew craigden, senior pastor with the newtown congregational church where they will hold a memorial service in just a few minutes. reverend, thaurng for joining me. >> of course. >> how is the congregation doing right now? >> i think our congregation like many people -- or all the people in newtown are feeling just the devastation and shock of these events and are trying to
3:38 pm
comprehend them and just deal with unimaginable loss and tragedy. >> do you know, personally, any of the parents? any of those that are involved? and have fell victimized in this amazing day? >> parents who have lost children? >> yes. >> yes. none of the families who, as far as we can ascertain, none of the families that were -- that have lost children are a part of our congregation. we do, of course, have ripple effects of relationships and contco contacts and relationships with people. everybody is feeling the effects. i was over there with the clergy for much of the day, my fellow clergy here in newtown of all kinds and all churches and all congregations trying to administer and care for and listen to those who are having to face this and live through this tragedy.
3:39 pm
in all of the different ways, but especially to those who have lost loved ones. >> reverend matthew, thank you for coming on tonight. >> several hundred people came together outside of the white house today for a candle light vigil in honor of the victims in newtown, connecticut and the tragedy there. more on our coverage next. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study looking at long-term health benefits for men over 50. the one they used in that study... centrum silver. that's what i take. my doctor! he knows his stuff. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most recommended. most preferred. most studied. centrum, always your most complete.
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tell them it's like being nestled in an eight-way, adjustable, heated and ventilated seat surrounded by a 500-watt sound system while floating on a suspension made of billowy clouds. or you could just hand them your keys. ♪ ♪ we're back with our continuing coverage of the horrific tragedy at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. this is the front page on newspapers and web sites across the country today. children and tears being led to safety. we're still absorbing the shock of what happened to children today. >> we heard, like, shots.
3:43 pm
and everybody went on the ground and ms. martin just closed the door and we went to the corner. >> i was in the gym and i heard a loud -- well, i heard, like, seven loud booms and the gym teachers told us to go in the corner. so we all huddled. and i kept hearing these booming noises. >> we heard banging and the teacher locked the doors and we all went behind -- we all went over to a corner and the teacher was supposed to keep us complicated. all of the police officers had machine guns. one of the first grade teachers died. >> the older brother of one of the kwhield schild survivors de want his little sister saw inside the school. >> the intercom came on and there were screams. the school went on lockdown. and based on what she said, the shooter was in another class and
3:44 pm
they were all in a closet. they were telling the children to hold hands and close their eyes until they were outside. >> every day, teachers educate our children in schools across meshlg. today, those teachers were saving lives. president obama, a leader known for controlling his emotions, addressed the tragedy late this afternoon from the white house. >> we've endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years. and each time i learn the news, i react not as a president, but as anybody else would. as a parntd. and that was especially true today. i know there's not a parent in america who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that i do. the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between
3:45 pm
the ages of 5 and 10 years olds. they had their entire lives ahead of them. birthdays, graduations weddings, kids of their own. among the fallen were also teachers, men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children fulfill their dreams. so our hearts are broken today. for the parents and grandparents, sisters and brothers of these little children and for the families of the adults who were lost, ourheartour hearts are broken for the parents of the survivors, as well. for as blessed as they are to
3:46 pm
have their children home tonight, they know that their children's innocence has been torn away from them too early. and there are no words that will ease their pain. as a country, we have been through this too many times. >> the president expressing the pain and heart ache of an entire nation. for more on the investigation, i want to bring an nbc justice correspondent pete williams. pete, good evening. >> al, good evening to you. the bare details are starting to emerge here now. the authorities tell us that the gunman in this school shooting is a 20-year-old who lived in newtown, connecticut. adam lanza who lived with his mother who was a teacher at the school. and, as best authorities are able to piece together what happened, this is the picture that is emerging. that early this morning he shot his mother at the home where the two of them lived together. then got in her car with guns that she had legally purchased,
3:47 pm
that were registered to her, drove in her car to the school, entered the school at about 9:30. started shoot first in the principal's area. and then as authorities have said, in two classrooms, including, we believe, one of the classrooms where his mother taught, which was predominantly young people. kindergarten age. after shooting them, he then turned the gun on himself. now, there was some confusion earlier today about the identity of the person who had committed this horrible act. because, apparently, authorities say adam lanza was carrying the id of his brother. so there was initial confusion about who the shooter was. now we're told it was adam lanza. and his brother told authorities that his brother has a history of mental problems. so authorities are relative lly satisfied tonight that the young
3:48 pm
man, adam lanza, was solely responsible for the shooting. he's the one who planned it. he's the one who carried it out. they don't believe that anyone else was involved. they believe that the firearms were legally purchased, but they still have no idea of the simple question that everybody wants to know. why? why would he shoot his mother? why would he then, after doing that, go to the school and continue this horrible act, one of the worst mass shootings in u.s. history. >> now, we're told the brother mentioned mental illness? >> that's right. said that his brother had a history of mental conditions. he lives in hoboken, new jersey. we don't know what the nature of that illness is. and, of course, you know, the young man did not purchase the gun his mother did. but even if he had tried to purchase them himself, merely having medical problems wouldn't
3:49 pm
stop him. you have to be found mentally ineffective by a judge. that's the term of art that's found in the federal statute. but, in any event, it was his mother who purchased the guns. >> we do not know if his mother and he lived alone? was it just the two of them? >> we believe they were divorced. that the father was not living there. and i don't know whether anyone was living in the house in addition to adam lanza and his mother. >> we were told he was dressed in dark clothing and wearing a mask. can you confirm that, pete? >> i've not heard anything about a mask, but i am told he was dressed all in black, that eegt reelgt. >> nbc, pete williams, thank you for your reporting tonight. >> you bet. >> more on this terrible tragedy in connecticut ahead. don't go over 2000... 1200 calories a day. carbs are bad. carbs are good. the story keeps changing. so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself.
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more of our breaking news coverage of the school shootings is next. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work.
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welcome back to our continuing coverage. joining me now is melissa harris and john shane, professor of criminal justice at john jay college. john, let me ask you, you heard pete williams tell us a lot of what has happened. he talked about -- we don't know the motive. what would be the first things
3:54 pm
we go to now to try and find a motive and walk us through how police would investigate two crime scenes. we have the scene where the mother was found dead and we have the school where the children, the principal and other adults were found. >> right now, they're in the late stages of the investigation. the scene is stabilized. both scenes are secure. what they're going to try to do now, al, is connect the evidence to see what sorts of physical evidence they can gather to make connections that might yield some light on moet vags. things reich was there a note left behind? anything on social media, facebook accounts, things like that. did he post anything. did he talk to anybody. had this been planned for the last couple of months where they said we're just dismiss k it at hand. all along, he's been laying these clues. that's what they're going to look to connect right now. >> melissa, how do you make -- what do you see in this?
3:55 pm
>> i suppose, obviously, as you just heard, we don't know yet what the motivations are. there's going to be a lot of analysis of the motivation. given this is a situation where the shooter may have had a mental illness, there's going to be a lot of emphasis of this individual case as an individual case. each of these tragedies are undoubtedly sort of about that specific thing. when you lay them all out together, they are all about one thing. they are about the access to guns. ultimately, whatever his problems, whatever his motivation, had he not had easy access to handguns and weapons and bull ets, this would have been a different kind of story. >> well, we were told earlier one theory was that there may have been some copy cat. we don't know that. but we do know all of these had been dealt with with guns and access to guns.
3:56 pm
and, in many cases, legally purchase guns. i want to end tonight by talking about lloyd morgan, jr. he was just four years old when he was hit by a stray bullet. he was killed in the cross fire of a gunfight. and his parents lost their four-year-old son. i delivered the eulogy at his funeral. hundreds of people were there to mourn. lloyd's death should have been a wake up call for all of us. i will never fore get trembling as i looked at that little casket. we're going to look at 20 little caskets next week. when will we stop together as a
3:57 pm
nation and come together across all lines and stop this where we will not have children robbed in their infancy and robbed in the future of this nation. i thought of lloyd times 20 today. i don't know if america can take anymore scenes like this. i hope this wake up call will really lead to our dealing with all of the issues that are connected to this. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. a live edition of "hardball" is up next.
3:58 pm
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